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Vintage Pervert Pete On Omegle Finale – Christmas Special

Here is the finale of the vintage Omegle series covering 2013-2014 with the Christmas Specials. It also has some fan shout outs at the end!

publish February 23, 2019 235
BABY MOMMA DRAMA featuring Chaotic Bun

Here is a classic Omegle video featuring my good friend, Amber a.k.a Chaotic Bun who is now an actress that you can find on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & YouTube.

publish February 23, 2019 239
Omegle Girls Love Getting Banged On Dumpsters

Its a scientific fact that Omegle girls just love to get plowed on dumpsters behind their local 7-11 or Burger King, especially by Pervert Pete 😉

publish February 23, 2019 235
Omegle Cosplay Furries Kill Pervert Pete In Murder Suicide

You read the title correctly. Omegle furries kill Pervert Pete in a murder suicide!

publish February 23, 2019 350
Omegle Girls With Omegle Tough Guys Featuring Pervert Pete

This Omegle video combines my two favorite things: Omegle girls and Omegle tough guys. The Omegle girls are my favorite for obvious reasons, they always like to play along in the Pervert Pete universe. But Omegle tough guys are all the same. They always think

publish February 23, 2019 242

This was a really fun one to do! The intro was done by my friend, Douglas MacKrell who you can find on Twitter by CLICKING HERE! This was a fun one to shoot as you will see with all the Omegle girls in this one 😉

publish February 23, 2019 1256
Adventure Time On Omegle

We meet a bunch of funny wierdos on this Omegle night! A collection of Omegle adventures all packed into one night on Omegle! We got a crazy Asian who happens to be a famous YouTuber. Then we got a girl who sings Barbie Girl to me! Then we got more random weir

publish February 23, 2019 228
publish February 23, 2019 242
Natural Born Perverts On Omegle

Obviously, Im a HUGE fan of one of the greatest movies ever, Natural Born Killers, starring Woody Harrelson and Juliette Lewis. So this was an obvious Omegle homage to that movie. Funny, I do a lot of homages to Natural Born Killers in my later videos from 201

publish February 23, 2019 261

Another classic Omegle video featuring Pervert Pete finding a crazy stalker girl on Omegle who plans on stalking him! Also, Pervert Pete meets his new female best friend, who is actually still a friend to this very day! Big shout out to Danielle 😉

publish February 23, 2019 234
Pervert Pete’s New Gay Best Friend

Pervert Pete gets a few Omegle girlfriends but more importantly, he meets his new gay best friend on Omegle!

publish February 23, 2019 231
Omegle Girls Show Boobs On Omegle – Censored Version

Now why would I upload the censored Omegle video since Pervert Pete has been banned on YouTube? Easy, this is the original video that was up on my channel so it is only fitting to put it here. But no worries, because you can watch the UNCENSORED VERSION by CLI

publish February 23, 2019 412

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