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Another classic Omegle video featuring Pervert Pete finding a crazy stalker girl on Omegle who plans on stalking him! Also, Pervert Pete meets his new female best friend, who is actually still a friend to this very day! Big shout out to Danielle 😉

publish February 23, 2019 410
Pervert Pete’s New Gay Best Friend

Pervert Pete gets a few Omegle girlfriends but more importantly, he meets his new gay best friend on Omegle!

publish February 23, 2019 405
Omegle Girls Show Boobs On Omegle – Censored Version

Now why would I upload the censored Omegle video since Pervert Pete has been banned on YouTube? Easy, this is the original video that was up on my channel so it is only fitting to put it here. But no worries, because you can watch the UNCENSORED VERSION by CLI

publish February 23, 2019 594
Pervert Pete Shows His Pecker On Omegle

This is an extremely sad video for me. Pecker, who’s real name was Pretzel, passed away less than a year after making this Omegle video. He died from a brain tumor that made his life a very sad ending. He was a great dog. Very sweet, kind and loving. I w

publish February 23, 2019 645
Pervert Pete Likes Putang Pie With Derp Dobblers On Omegle

I think the title speaks for its self 😉

publish February 23, 2019 570
2Pac Is ALIVE On Omegle

Is 2Pac still Alive? I don’t know but this night on Omegle, I thought he was! This guy looks exactly Like 2Pac and it may or may not be the man himself, Tupac Shakur! How great is that, Pervert Pete actually met Tupac On Omegle 🙂

publish February 23, 2019 655

This is a special one for me. The audio for some reason was EXTREMELY horrible! I used to only use my webcam mic, which was really bad as you know in the previous videos, but I must have changed something in the setting by accident cuz this Omegle video, has t

publish February 23, 2019 592
publish February 23, 2019 603
publish February 23, 2019 704

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