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I would say its the end of Pervert Pete but YouTube won’t keep Pervert Pete down. Theres all three of my websites including so we don’t need YouTube to create. YouTube is a soon to be dying platform catering to a handful of millennial snowflakes. Most millenials arent snowflakes. most people understand what jokes are. But for some reason, companies like YouTube cater to the handful of idiots who dont know what a joke is, who take everything so serious and have ZERO life experience but think they know everything. Its pathetic. But like I said, I don’t need YouTube. Pervert Pete has his own platform. The only challenge is getting in front of peoples eyes, but I’ll work on that, as I always have. YouTube and the man can’t keep me down 🙂  



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I do ask that you share my website and videos on your social media and share all my videos with your friends. Since getting terminated on YouTube, it is 10x’s tougher to get in front of peoples eyes. I spend countless hours promoting my stuff and it gets tough doing it all on my own. So with your help, I can get my content out there to people that might enjoy it, so please click below to share this video with your friends. I very much appreciate all your support!


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