Roast Pervert Pete On r/RoastMe RIGHT NOW!

Pervert Pete March 16, 2019 234 No Comments


Roast Pervert Pete Here ➤ Go roast Pervert Pete on r/RoastMe & then I’ll read them all here! Or maybe Pervert Pete will guest host and read the r/RoastMe himself! Pervert Pete is a HUGE fan of roasting people and roast videos, especially the r/roastme videos so this was perfect for him to do... Read more »

Follow Me On All My Social Medias

Pervert Pete March 2, 2019 272 No Comments


There are a shit load of social media out there and all of them are GARBAGE! I’ve been suspended on Twitter more times than I could ever count. You aren’t aloud to do shit on social media anymore and it’s fucking stupid. But on the other had its an easy way to communicate with you... Read more »


Pervert Pete February 24, 2019 330 No Comments


  I would say its the end of Pervert Pete but YouTube won’t keep Pervert Pete down. Theres all three of my websites including so we don’t need YouTube to create. YouTube is a soon to be dying platform catering to a handful of millennial snowflakes. Most millenials arent snowflakes. most people understand what... Read more »